We had a brief interview with an entertainment industry veteran, An entrepreneur, A philanthropist and a jolly good fellow, C.E.O Papas INC, Mr Frank Okamigbo a.k.a Frank Papas, Interviewer CHIBUZOR ANSLEM

1. Can we meet you Sir?

FO: Am Franklin Emenike Okamigbo,  A philosophy graduate of University of Lagos, Am the Chief executive officer of  PAPAS INC also the front man at The place by papas Lekki

2. How did you come up with Papas Entertainment and Papas Foundation?

FO:  Prestigious, Acclaimed, Personalities & Associates (PAPAS)  was a group of ambitious students In University of Lagos who apart from school works were independent and had their individual stuffs they were doing like models, entrepreneurs, fashion designers etc, PAPAS generally stood out amongst the other students in campus, I was the founder and president of the group, We organise social events, charity visitations and all, So that’s the background, Papas entertainment itself was born out of those social event that the parent group organised in the old and famous club 11:45, It was on that day that someone walked up to me and said he like the way I handle my assignments being the leader of PAPAS  And asked me if I would like to work with him at the club he was running at that time, The famous K’s Place in VI, I said yes that was how I started with Papas Entertainment & Events

3. What does Charity mean to you?

FO: Charity personally is about keying into the philosophy of Living purposefully, That means  ” The purpose of life is a Life of purpose”, Lending our hands to each other is key, It’s Godly and helps humanity

4. What does Entertainment mean to you?

FO: Entertainment connotes fun,  That which brings happiness and merriment to people , serving people with fun, Personally am a premium entertainment dispenser

5. What do you do in your private time?

FO: I pray, read and sleep, I make out time for my family and friends too

6. What is the most interesting project you have embacked on?

FO: My Charity event “Dance with the Destitute” and Beach mix with DJ jimmy Jatt an entertainment event

7. You are fashionista what’s your fashion routine like?

FO: I wear what fits me and what I feel comfortable on

8. Where do you see your brand “Papas Entertainment” and “Papas Foundation” in 5 years?

FO: In 5 years time by God’s grace, As a work in progress both Papas Entertainment & Papas charity foundation would continue reaching out globally and it will also be a brand that would be reckoned with in the entertainment industry,  And using humanitarian works to inspire more people to the philosophy of holding each other hands and service to humanity in general

9. What are your social media handles?

FO: @frankpapas (Instagram) @frankpapas1 (Twitter), @officialpapasentertainment (Instagram & Twitter),
@papascharityfoundation(Instagram) @papasfoundation (twitter)

10. What is your advise for budding Entrepreneurs?

FO: For budding entrepreneurs, God First, Pray for clarity and put your dreams before God, Believe in your self, Find that thing you are passionate about and work towards achieving that dream, God bless you all, Thank You
frank okamigbo

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